Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Little Mary Mixup Strikes Again!

How you know if your child has strep throat? Get fiberglass in her legs, I guess... or so it went with Audrey this week!

I think I've written in prior posts how Audrey is forever getting herself into messes and sticky situations. Well, not much has changed. If there is something to spill, she spills it. If there's dirt to be gotten into, she covers herself in it.

About a week ago, she was running to the car in the Chick Fil A parking lot with her sister. Amber made it to the car just fine. Audrey ran smack into the bumper of the car parked next to us. Thankfully, she didn't even cry. Later that evening while having an after-dinner snack, she fell right out of her chair and hit her head on the tile floor (yes, tears that time!). I knew I'd have to get that kid into bed before we ended up in the ER that day.

You'd think she had sight problems, but she's been checked and is fine. She's just accident-prone. I hope this is toddlerhood and not a lifelong affliction...

The topper is this, though. She'd been getting up earlier than usual the past few weeks (at 5 instead of 6) and had been night waking. I asked her if anything bothered her and she said no. She never ran fever or did anything else differently than the changed sleep patterns. I chalked it up to either getting two two-year molars she hadn't yet cut or part of this "I want to be a baby" thing she was going through.

Then we went to play outside on our lovely "winter" day in the 70s. She was climbing up on the box that covers all the electrical stuff outside. Had to be harmless, right? I mean, it's in the middle of half our neighbors' lawns! Then she hops down and begins SCREAMING about her legs and won't let anyone touch her. There's NOTHING to be seen, but that's it. She eventually stops and we forget about it--till I see the scratches and rash develop hours later. And then spread to her neck and chest. Poor kid wouldn't sit in the tub (though she tried) and spent the whole night trying to sleep standing up.

The next morning we went to the doc and he said it was likely fiberglass from that box. BUT the kicker is that if she hadn't gotten fiberglass in her legs, we wouldn't have gone to the doc, and we wouldn't have found out she had strep throat. She must have had it for weeks without us knowing!  I immediately started thinking about all the people we likely infected :(

Now she's on meds and sleeping better and the legs are better too--those just needed time to heal.

Only this kid... geez.

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