Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our new baby?

That's right... we have a new baby over here. Well, not that new--it's baby Audrey.

And on a side note, our kitchen table always looks like this... sigh...
Recently Audrey decided that it would be fun to be a baby again and has been acting accordingly. She was already in diapers, so that's no different... wouldn't that have been fun if she was potty trained and started regressing??

But when you see her walking slowly and flapping her arms with her tongue sticking out, you know we're in baby mode (Apparently all babies toddle around looking like they're trying to take flight.) Then starts the "aaah--aaah" babble, which is so pleasant when you're trying to get her to answer you.

Me:  "Audrey, what you do you want for lunch"
Audrey: "Aagh, aagh, la la la"
Me: "How about some chicken nuggets?"
Audrey: ""Aargh, ah, nuggets, la, la agh"

 (We eat chicken nuggets pretty often around here, don't judge!)

Her favorite baby thing to do it eat in the high chair, which in some ways, has perks. She's contained. She has a big tray in front of her to keep the mess contained. She's happy. It's a win as far as that's concerned. But it gets a bit challenging when she's perched up there waiting for a snack and the REAL baby needs to eat. Thank goodness for bumbos with trays!

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