Friday, February 25, 2011

Staying the course

So when I first found out I was pregnant... again... I figured I had a good long time for Amber to get potty trained. I mean, she wasn't even 3 yet at that point.

And NOW I'm getting impatient because I realize that #3 is going to be here in a short couple of months and this stubborn girl is still not doing her job. She's potty-trained one or two days, and then she falls off the wagon. I realize that going to swing and playing with Thomas the Train is very exciting and it's hard to tear yourself away, but for goodness sake I AM SO TIRED OF CHANGING TWO BUTTS ALL DAY!! Especially when ONE of those two butts has been semi-using the potty for well over half a year now.

So I get it into my head that I will just start making her wear regular underwear. I talk it up--she's all excited. (She's very into being "tall" and "big" like mommy right now. She's the only person in the world who thinks I'm tall.)

I figured we'd have accidents, but she'd be so upset by wetting her clothes that she'd get it under control ASAP and that would be the end of things.

OOOOOH, but no. I should have figured as much with that brick-headed child. Today was day 1 and we had 3 accidents. She made NO attempt to use the potty and could not have cared less about walking around with a "bonus" in her underwear.

I found myself getting REALLY PISSY with her. I know you're not supposed to make it a negative experience and be all supportive and do it on her timetable. But this is driving me CRAAAAAAZY!!!!!

But I am staying the course for at least a few days... she has GOT to do it sometime, right????? Though I have visions of myself sending her to her prom with a purse full of Pampers.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Every time I turn around, this kid is doing something else to make me crack up...

The latest: speaking in various "tongues." And no, I do not mean in a variety of recognized human languages. Sometimes she speaks in elephant. Or snake. Or dog. But usually it's cat... and if you call her a "cat" at this point, she will correct you and tell you that she is AMBERcat. Excuse us.

The only word in the language of cat, apparently, is "meow." And who would expect anything less? Generally, she'll substitute "meow" for "yes," though it could be used in place of any word--one meow per syllable, of course. So instead of thank you, she might say "Meow, meow," with the same inflection as the regular words. And of course, any song can be easily changed into a kitty ode, simply by replacing each syllable with "meow." You should hear "Jingle Bells" in cat.. it's quite lovely.

And sometimes she will act like a cat--fake grooming herself or lapping up milk, but generally she just walks around answering you in "cat" as if she was doing the most normal thing in the world.

I have never heard of anyone else's kid doing this... When I asked her speech therapist if she had been doing this--as she will only meow when I try to work with her at home--she thought I meant talking in a high-pitched voice, still using English words. She was quite a bit more taken aback when I said she actually MEOWS in place of words...

At least Amber recognizes that this is really silly and laughs at herself all the time. She also said she won't do it at school because she doesn't want to get "a time out." I'm just hoping that she has a great imagination and will grow up to be a highly creative individual... But for now I just know for sure that she is a super silly kid!