Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pregnancy Disclaimer

As of Wednesday, 11/17/10, I will officially be 13 weeks into this 40-week "adventure." And so, after already receiving numerous questions--don't you love how being pregnant gets you all these questions and comments?--I must post a few responses to head off the vast majority:

1. No, this was not planned. We are the poster children for fertility, apparently.
2. Yes, these three kids will be close in age. 21 months between the first two, and if all goes as planned, 22 months between the last two.
3. Notice I said "LAST TWO" in the above. This will be the caboose. If I have to perform a "home vasectomy" to ensure that, then so be it. (Just kidding, Jay. Sort of.)
4. I do not care if this is a boy or girl. We don't have a boy, but we do have lots of girl stuff. So it's a win either way. I asked God to give me a good sleeper last time, regardless of sex, and I didn't get that. But I've been an extra good girl this time...
5. No, we were not trying for a boy.
6. No, we will not have more children in hopes of having a boy.
7. No, it's not twins. Please don't tell me I look so huge that surely there's more than one kid in there. There's not. I'm just a fat pregnant lady. Back off before I hurt you.
8. Am I crazy? Yes, yes I am. Or at least, I will be by the end of this ordeal. But hey, what can you do?

Missing in Action

Well, it's been quite some time, hasn't it? I'm sure most people figured this blog went the same way so many of my high school journals and other ventures went--I'd do a great job for the first few weeks and then the project fell off into a black hole, never be seen from again...


For the last 13 weeks or so, we can say I was in a "funk." And by "funk" I mean another misnomer--"morning sickness." Or in my case, we could call it "all-day every day sickness." I am serious--I would GLADLY give birth twice to avoid this first trimester. This is the pits... it's been like the flu and major depression all rolled into one. So not only do you have the "fun" of dry heaving or vomiting all day, you also have the joys of feeling like you are whacked out of your mind.

Seriously, these hormones make me feel like I'm losing my grip on reality, at least in the beginning. My body was in full-out panic mode. I'd wake up at 3 AM for no particular reason with my mind and heart racing. No matter how much I'd try to reason myself out of it by thinking about just how worry-free my day was going to be, it didn't matter because it wasn't rational anyway. Thankfully, that has pretty much subsided. It's the kind of feeling that made you want to have a glass of wine to relax your nerves, but eh, not possible in these circumstances!!

For any of you moms out there who never had to experience these joyous first few months of pregnancy, I am a jealous, jealous beast. Supposedly, your pregnancy is supposed to be a lot like your mom's--well, that's bull. She got no morning sickness and no stretch marks and was a skinny lady after having her kids. Me: not so much.

Whenever I'd get a moment to myself these last few days, I'd go curl up on the couch. Not a lot of eating going for a while there, so a little ill-advised weight loss in there to boot...

So I have a lot to catch up on, and I hope to churn out a few blogs capturing these past few months' goings-on. Lord knows there's been no shortage of source material around here!!