Monday, September 13, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training--The Return??

As I promised I would, I have really backed down from prompting Amber to go potty. And for about a week, she was perfectly content with filling up her little diapers and running around "fully loaded."

But now, perhaps my patience is paying off?? She's started requesting to use the potty more regularly now. Of course, at first she just requested it at convenient times for her--two seconds before you put her down for a nap and two seconds before you put her down for bed. Nothing like procrastination as a motivator...

I'm not convinced enough to consider this a "full return" to potty training. She still runs away when you go to change a #2 diaper, which is probably not a good sign.

To be continued yet again...

Huggies Little BOOvers

I swore once that I'd never buy Huggies diapers again.

Oh... but the lure of multiple coupons and dollar signs proved too strong for me and I caved. I mean, hey, 5 bucks is 5 bucks. Surely we could just give them one more try.


These are awful and I can't believe ANYONE would buy them. One time Audrey had one on for UNDER an hour--I had changed her just before loading up to head to Jena and right after. In that short time, the guts of the diaper were stuck all over her little butt--those little gel capsule thingys that are supposed to stay BENEATH the outermost layers and soak up all the fun stuff.

Perhaps this is WHY they had so many coupons for these suckers...

And WHY do I continually go against what I swore I would never do again?? (see blog on Sears Portrait Studio). I should realize that if I made a statement as strong as swearing off something FOREVER, then it was with good reason.

You've had your second chance, Huggies. You and Sears Portait Studio can kiss Audrey's little gel-capsuled butt.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training--to be continued

I'm sad to say that our little tryst down Potty Trained Lane has now come to a stop. At least, temporarily... Supposedly no kid ever goes to their senior prom wearing a diaper. Of course, this child is particularly bull-headed, so she may wind up sporting Pampers under her gown.

All of a sudden, Amber just decided she wasn't doing it anymore. She would cry when you put her on the potty. She started going in her pull-up and making no attempt to stop herself to make it to the bathroom. And, she started "holding it in" for hours on end, and that's what really made me decide to back off.

Oh, but that was a trying decision... the child could do it IF she wanted to. Perfectly capable. And perfectly stubborn.

I read online that kids will sometimes do this as a means of exerting control over something in their lives. She's just started school this week and we have really been riding her behind about her behavior lately, so it sounds like this could be a likely cause for her sudden lack of interest. And you KNOW I wasn't slacking off on the M&Ms, but even they couldn't work their chocolately magic on this beast.

But on the upside--I don't have to worry about trying to get her to potty before we leave for school (as she is a grumpy, uncooperative little imp in the morning.) Also, I'm hoping we can get some of her other "new" little behaviors in check--biting, throwing, hitting, pushing--all the pleasantries. She really is a good kid majority of the time--but what a temper!!!!

Now, if I'm still changing a diaper this time next year, we'll be going a different route... but I'm still holding out that one morning she'll just decide she wants to do it, and that will be that. In typical Amber Claire fashion, she'll be doing it when SHE wants to do it and on no one else's timetable!