Friday, February 3, 2012

My sweet little patient

When I woke up Wednesday morning, I never expected we'd end up where we did! I guess it's never a good sign when you sit up in bed and your already-awake husband says "Don't panic when you see Audrey." So, of course, I panicked. And when I saw her with her left eye swollen shut, I knew we'd be at the pediatrician's office as soon as they'd get us in. I figured we'd get a shot or something to help with the swelling and we'd be home... not so much.

Apparently, the sinus infection she'd been having had crept into her eye--so we were hospital bound for an opthamology consult and CT scan and IV antibiotics. By far, the IV was the worst part--they'd get the line in and she's freak out so much she'd blow the vein and have to get stuck again. Four lines later, we finally got settled. Then she had to get stuck again for bloodwork... oh, the joy! The nurse just kept saying, "Wow, she's really strong" which is code for "she's making this ridiculously difficult by fighting like a Kung Fu warrior."

She's been a trooper, for the most part. After all the testing was done Wednesday, she had lots of visitors to keep her entertained. On Thursday morning, we found the play room on the floor and she made laps through the ward on ride-on toys and wagon. Plus, my mother-in-law (who so nicely took of work to keep the other girls) came up to visit, so that killed a lot of time too. But NOW we've hit the "I'm sick to death of being here" slumps, so the good news that we will hopefully be out of here by lunch time was VERY welcome!! Let's hope all the paperwork and transport and all the other junk you have to wait on are moving quickly this morning!

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